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New Forest Show 2015

Another New Forest Show has been and gone, but this year saw beautiful blue skies for the whole 3 day period – not a wellington boot in sight (unless you count the gorgeous ones for sale on the array of stands!) The turnout was not surprisingly very high, with the gates even having to be…
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Choosing riverside sewage treatment plants

The term “riverside sewage treatment plants” is likely to evoke unpleasant images. The mental image may be of a giant factory need a gleaming river. But this is not the case- for one thing treatment systems are often relatively small and it is important to use them because these plants are there to remove effluence…
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The right home sewage treatment plant

Some people may find the thought of a home sewage treatment plant a strange concept. When most people think of sewage plants they think of large factories. However in a lot of cases they can be very beneficial for the local environment and in some cases may even be necessary. Why would you need one?…
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