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Drainage Solutions – Typical Drainage Issues

Drainage solutions are vital in the modern world. Not only do they prevent the build-up of water in potentially dangerous places, they also ensure that everything’s working as it should underground. This protects both property and the landscape more generally. There are many types of drainage solution that can be used depending on your requirements. For example, do you know the typical causes of blocked drains or what to do if you have a pumping system problem? The likelihood is that you’ll only want to learn about these issues when you have a drainage problem in need of a fast solution.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

If you’re having difficulty with your drainage system, it’s often beneficial to be able to pinpoint how the problem occurred in the first place. This is true whether the blockage is an indoor one or an outdoor one. Anything can cause a barrier to water in the right quantity and space. For instance, outdoor drains are susceptible to dead leaves and other outdoor debris, especially in the autumn and winter months. Outdoor pipes can easily be blocked by these while blocked drains indoors can be caused by heavy materials being forced into the drain. Typical offenders include paper towels, nappy wipes and sanitary products. Even hair can be a culprit where blocked drains are concerned. If your problem lies in the kitchen, there may be problems with excess food finding its way into the drainage system or even issues with your washing machine drainage. A blocked drain may be a relatively common problem, but the side effects can be damaging to your property. If ignored or left for too long, you may end up with leaking water in your property or damage to wiring around the building. Attend to blockages as soon as they occur and save yourself trouble further down the line.

What If You Need A Sewer Connection Or Pumping Station?

It’s not uncommon to move into a property or a commercial building and find that you need to make changes to the sewerage and drainage systems serving the property. For instance, you may find that you need to link a private sewer connection up to the main public sewer. In this situation, it’s vital that the installation experts have the correct health and safety training, along with the ability to obtain the relevant licenses to undertake such work. There will be costs involved, including fees payable direct to the sewer company, and you should be aware of these before you undertake any work. Wherever possible, sewers are installed in a way which allows for a gravity connection to move waste out of the system. However, this isn’t always an option and so a pump station can be installed at the property to pump waste to the main sewer. Pumping systems can be installed for single rooms or dwellings through to housing estates or large commercial sites, and they’re a common feature of the modern drainage landscape. It’s vital that the correct pumping solution is installed for your requirements and so you should always consult experts prior to purchasing a pump station or other drainage solutions.

Waste Water Treatment: What Are Your Options?

Waste water treatment, the process of readying waste water for reuse, is an integral aspect of any drainage solution. Septic tank installation options are popular, but it’s worth remembering that they are little more than a solid waste depository with fluids discharging to a soakaway. Septic tanks are the most economical system to dispose of waste water, but they do require regular emptying and come with some issues. For instance, sometimes the soakaway is unable to cope with the volume of waste water produced. An alternative option to consider when septic tanks cannot perform correctly is a sewage treatment plant. These self-contained units treat sewage biologically and work in different ways depending on the manufacturer of the unit. There are so many factors to consider when installing a sewage treatment plant to any property that it is highly regulated and the work may require a licence to undertake. Always consult experts before starting down this path. Similarly, the idea of soakaway construction may seem simple. However, the design is standardised and there are many considerations before work can be undertaken. As a vital cog in your drainage machine, your soakaway needs to be professionally developed and installed under the proper guidelines.

Interceptors Such As Grease Trap Solutions

Interceptors are an effective method of separating out pollutants from a water flow. Such pollutants can include food waste, along with oils and fuels. Essentially, an interceptor will strip out the most dangerous pollutants and each is installed according to its specified purpose. For example, a grease trap is a grease management system used in commercial kitchens to prevent blockages occurring in the system. As well as being vital to protect the integrity of your drainage system, these traps also save you money in the long run by limiting the need for repairs to your system. Other types of interceptors include bypass interceptors, which are used in roads and car parks to stem pollutants, along with specialist equipment such as forecourt separators designed specifically to retain any spillage from a fuel tanker. This limits the spread of pollutants into the wider landscape and the water table. Similarly, there are wash-down bays, designed to collect oil and silt. These systems are complex and therefore require installation by professionals with relevant qualifications. As with all drainage solutions, interceptors are only useful when part of a comprehensive drainage system which services your property correctly. Utilising a professional company like Environmental Drain Services Ltd can make the process run smoothly.

Expert Drainage Solutions Provided By Environmental Drain Services Ltd

For drainage solutions designed to put you and your property first, contact Environmental Drain Services Ltd today. We can provide you with advice and quotes to ensure that your new drainage system is installed on time and on budget without any issues along the way. We have plenty of experience in domestic, commercial and industrial properties, along with expert engineers who can design the ideal system from scratch for you. So, whether it’s simply a blocked drain you need fixing or a sewage treatment plant you need installing, trust in us to get the job done. Call now on 01202 821340 or visit today.

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