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Pumping Stations

Pump stations are installed to allow for sewer connections that are below the main drainage system. Pumps can be sized for single rooms or to take a whole housing estate or commercial sites.


Current regulations require pump stations to hold 24 hours emergency storage. This is to allow for power/pump failure.

When a site is wholly served by a pump station we recommend that a twin pump set is installed. The two pumps work alternatively. If one pump fails an alarm will be activated and the second pump will allow for continual use until the failed pump is brought back on line.

The pump station will pump to a sewer via a rising main. This will be a pressurised pipe very similar to a water main. The size of the rising main will vary with the application. On very long rising mains or infrequently used systems, the bacteria in the waste can start breaking down the sewage, removing the oxygen and producing acids. This septic waste can then become a problem at the main sewer treatment facility. Therefore it is important to size the pump and rising main accurately.